Premier League 2018

The CPSA Premier League is back for the 2018 series and has grown to 11 teams competing for the title of Premier League champions.

Browning, PromaticGamebore & Sunglasses for Sport continue their generous sponsorship of the series so don't delay, sign up for a team and be in with a chance to win a share of a fantastic prize fund with a £4,000 cash pot, a Browning B725 Black Edition Sporter, over 3,000 White Gold Cartridges, Pilla Shooting Glasses and a Promatic Auto Trap for the Winning Club.

The Premier League is made up of the following Premier & Premier Plus clubs hosting a 100 registered sporting fixture with a £250 High Gun prize at each event as follows:

E J Churchill Shooting Ground - Saturday 24th February. High Gun £250.

Owls Lodge Shooting School - Saturday 10th March. High Gun £250.

Highwaymans Shooting Ground - Sunday 25th March. High Gun £250
Honesberie Shooting School - Sunday 22nd April. High Gun £250.
Sporting Targets - Saturday 26th May. High Gun £250. 
West London Shooting School - Saturday 9th June. High Gun £250. 
Westfield Shooting Ground - Sunday 24th June. High Gun £250
Cambridge Gun Club - Saturday 21st July. High Gun £250. .
Southdown Gun Club - Sunday 12th August. High Gun £250
‚ÄčEriswell Lodge - Sunday 26th August. High Gun £250
Atkin Grant & Lang -  Saturday 15th September. High Gun £250

and comprises up to 50 competitors per team. A handicap will be applied to the Classes to determine the top 10 scores per team after each event (see t's and c's below).

Sign up today and pay the £5 registration fee to shoot for your Premier Team, shoot a minimum of 6 of the 11 fixtures (best 6 scores to count) and you will be in with a chance to win part of a superb prize fund together with trophies for overall high gun, runner up and third and class and category winners. 

There is a prize draw sponsored by Sunglasses for Sport of a £150 voucher to use on their website.

Normal entry fees will apply at each shoot.

To register for your club’s team, select your Premier team and click on their respective link below. Please note each of the following links will be dated 24th February 2018 as this is the start of the series.  You can only shoot for one team and you will only be able to register once!

Atkin Grant & Lang  
Cambridge Team  
E.J. Churchill Team  
Eriswell Lodge  
Highwaymans Team  
Honesberie Team  
Owls Lodge Team  
Sporting Targets Team   
Southdown Team  - only 13 spaces left  
West London Team  

For terms and conditions please click here.

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Please contact Richard Worthington by email or telephone on 01483 485400 if you would like further information.